Newsletter Spring 2019

Juvenile Justice Ministry
A Core Ministry of YFC

Inspiring Hope Through Relationships and Opportunities

The Winnebago County Juvenile Detention Center has more than 500 admissions annually.  The recidivism rate is high, with the vast majority of these young people having been locked up at least once before.  JJM and Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry have formed a strategic partnership to reach these kids.  Together, under the long-standing presence of Rockford Reachout inside the Detention Center, we build relationships with some of the highest-risk youth in our community, building trust and earning the right to speak into their lives. 

The transition time when they return home is critical, often determining whether or not they will return to lock-up.  Our desire is to help them bridge the gap between the well-intended plans they have during lockup, and the real-life application out in the community.  Our goal is to see every young person who leaves the Detention Center provided the opportunity for a positive, Christ-following mentor to walk alongside them, demonstrating what it looks like to walk in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Next-Steps Support Group

The JJM Next-Steps Group is an opportunity for the young people transitioning home to find support and accountability.  It’s a safe place where they can engage with like-minded peers and positive caring adults to develop a firm foundation in spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth and development.   

Our volunteer leaders represent numerous churches throughout the community.  We help them develop relationships with young people and their families.  These relationships extend far beyond our walls and out into the community, bringing an entire Body of support alongside those we serve, often becoming life-long relationships.

JJM and Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry serve the highest-risk young people (“teen’s in tough places”). The high-risk issues are even more severe when they are released to their homes.  We are passionate about creating opportunities for the local church to serve the community by stepping into the epidemic of need.  Could you join our team? Do you know others who could? Could you invest financially in this need? If so, please contact us.

Jake Rogers, JJM Director


Prayer: We need an army of people committed to praying for these young people, and for us. Would you consider joining a JJM Email-Prayer Team? Click Here

Volunteer: We desire servant-hearted volunteers with various gifts.

See the Story Meal Teams: provide dinner at the Aftercare Site and join us in part of the night.

Financial Support: A generous, monthly donation carries major significance as it helps build our team and reach more kids.

Together, we can transform Rockford – life by life

Contact Us:

JJM@STATELINEYFC.ORG | | (815) 399-7203 |1288 S Alpine Rd. Rockford, IL 61108

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